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What is the legal definition of veto-proof majority.

VETO veto vee-toh, n. [Latin “I forbid”]1. A power of one governmental branch to prohibit an action by another branch; esp.,. MAJORITY majority.1. The status of. They will continue to tell us that they ‘just need a few more seats’, or ‘a Governor from their Party’ to move a people’s agenda, but like when they said they just needed a ‘veto proof majority’ or when they told us Peter Shumlin would ‘get tough things done’, the rational working class. Republicans were seeking to break the Democratic veto-proof majority in the 2018 legislative elections. A May 2017 report in The Washington Post indicated that Senate Republicans had targeted five Democratic incumbents which they had identified as vulnerable with the stated goal of breaking the veto-proof majority. A presidential veto is likely to point out a problem with a bill. The problem might be a constitutional one, or even a foreign policy one. It is likely that some of the legislators who voted for the bill did not seriously consider the issue that caused the president to veto the bill. <—His nickname when he was an LVMPD officer at Metro was ‘Easy Money’ and it appears that NVGOP Chair Michael McDonald left has been content to rake in Sheldon’s big bux and not crack the whip demanding all GOP candidates run against Veto Proof Majority for the Dems and spend the cash to affect that happening.

With 427 representatives voting, the House needed 285 yeas to have a veto-proof margin on this legislation, and fell far short. While the measure achieved a majority vote and will head to the Senate, it fell 40 votes short of a veto-proof majority. Jul 19, 2019 · In the 100-member United States Senate, a supermajority vote requires a 2/3 majority or 67 of 100 votes. In the 435-member United States House of Representatives, a supermajority vote requires a 2/3 majority or 290 of 435 votes. In order to obtain the magic number of 60 -- a veto-proof majority -- the Democrats will have to win nine contests. That's a tall order, but far from out of the question.

The American people gave the Congress to a group of very conservative Republicans, when they passed bills with the veto-proof majority with a lot of Democrats voting for it, that I couldn't stop, all of a sudden we turn out to be maniacal deregulators. Jan 31, 2012 · To define terms, a Filibuster-Proof Majority or Super Majority is the number of votes required to overcome a filibuster in the Senate. According to current Senate rules, 60 votes are required to overcome a filibuster.

The U.S. Constitution grants the President of the United States the sole power to veto—say “No”—to bills passed by both houses of Congress.A vetoed bill can still become law if Congress overrides the president’s action by obtaining a supermajority vote of two-thirds of the members of both the House 290 votes and the Senate 67 votes. Nov 05, 2014 · Politico notes that, with the GOP’s victories last night and the Democrats who are on record supporting it, there is now a veto proof majority in Congress in favor of the Keystone XL pipeline, a project that the Obama Administration has spent the last. Jul 25, 2017 · House passes Russian sanctions bill by a veto-proof majority.Back in June, a bipartisan Senate majority easily approved legislation imposing new sanctions on Russia in response to Russia’s interference in the U.S. election on a vote of 97 to 2.

What does veto proof mean?

united states - Why do bills with a veto-proof majority in.

Nov 19, 2019 · The House and Senate both passed the bill with a veto-proof majority. It compels the U.S. to penalize Chinese and Hong Kong officials responsible for abuses.

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